My Book!

Besides painting, my other love is writing and recently I’ve released my collection of short stories called, Through the Elephant Ears. It is the words to my water paintings, the source of my inspiration and the basis of my creativity. I hope you find these stories a welcome compliment to my art and enjoy them on a sentimental level or simply a view into a past decade.

Surrounded by poverty, depression, alcoholism and petty town jealousies, Kat must navigate through adolescence towards a brighter future without being crushed by the darkness that never seems to relent. This collection of 14 short stories follows Kat through significant life events: relationships, under-aged drinking, and teen aged pregnancy, as well as some not-so-typical occurrences. Kat views life through the eyes of someone much older, and as she experiences life altering guilt, immoral misconduct by adults, the first pangs of love, and a glimpse of the outside world, she becomes more cynical than her young years should allow.