MJ Dominey – Artist


While formally trained as a graphic designer, I recently renewed my love of fine art through painting with acrylic on canvas.  Sometimes I prefer to paint trees in all their silent wonder and sometimes the draw of the water holds my attention, whether it is the ocean or the lake, angry or calm.

I often hear people say painting is relaxing and I jokingly say,  “Then you must be doing it wrong” as I find starting a new painting is like sitting at the top of a roller coaster anticipating the descent and lift, the twist and turn and even being upside down until finally the painting is done and I can feel it’s finished. Now that my move to the beautiful Niagara Region is complete, I look forward to continuing this great ride that is art.

I hope that you enjoy what you are seeing on this site.  If you or someone you know is interested in this style of painting, please visit my contact page.  I would be pleased to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “MJ Dominey – Artist

  1. I love how you explain that your recent work has been done in a former mansion with high ceilings in QC. Something very intriguing and romantic about that. It is like we can picture you in it.

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