Last Stand – trees struggle for survival against shoreline erosion


Last Stand
















Last Stand (2015)

About: I have a dream.  Every day, I take it out of my head for just a few minutes, like taking a fish out of the water.  I hold it up to the light and inspect its shiny skin, its unusual markings, check for originality.  I look quickly as I know I haven’t much time. Just as a  fish will die if left out too long, so will my dream, reality will catch it in its shiny steel hook and kill it for sport. On first inspection I see cliffs that hold in the ocean, circle it in their solid arms and let it beat against their chest like a little boy pounds his fists on his father to show his strength.  The father tightens up his muscles and pretends it doesn’t hurt, all the while egging little Johnny to hit harder with slogans like “you hit like a girl.” As I turn my dream over I see the house, the house that sites on the edge of these cliffs. It is gray and weathered yet remarkably straight for its age.  I can’t bear crookedness and since it is my fantasy I will have no crookedness. Of course there is a porch grasping onto the front of the house, overlooking the water only feet from the edge. This porch is the gills of the house, where most of my time will be spent. This is where the books will be read and the paints will be smeared across the canvas. My imagination will meet with the muse, marry and produce masterpieces and happiness. I will be home at last.

Size:  20″ x 16″ x .5″

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Price:  Sold

This painting is with it’s new owner in San Jose California