New Trees


So Close and Yet so Far


So Close and Yet so Far (2014) 

This is a commissioned work created for an important client in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

About:  Special thanks to Mark Nicolle for the inspiration and motivation!

Price:  Not for Sale

Craggy Tree – A cyprus tree grows over ocean

An abstract acrylic painting of Cyprus trees growing over the ocean waves


Craggy Tree (2014) 


The wind blows the stiff, bristly branches of the Cyprus trees barely making them move. The waves on the other hand gather froth in their displeasure of their loss of control and my boat has no choice but to surrender to the movement.

Size:  30″ x 40″x 1.5″

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Price: Sold

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Forest Fire


Forest Fire (2014) 

About:  Forest Fire was started in 2009… and completed in early 2014.  It represents the rebirth of my love of painting after too many years.   It remains my favourite work.

Size:  30″ x 40″ x 1.5″

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Price:  Contact us for price

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Power to Nowhere

power to nowhere

Power to Nowhere (2014) 

I went back to the old place today.
In the backyard the fence still remains,
although time has scraped her finger down its side,
leaving rotting wood and peeling paint.
Through adult eyes I see neglect;
through memory I see home.
How many hours did they stand,
elbows raised, chins resting on the edge
of Mrs. Prichard’s fence?
My mother painted flowers on her side,
one-dimensional red and yellow tulips
scattered amongst strokes of green paint.
Originally, the fence was brown, just brown,
painted by a man named McVicar,
who used to live in our house,
before any of us were born.

The fence is falling down now;
no neighbourly chats take place across
that wooden screen.
A new fence stands in front of the old,
keeping guard, keeping out the past
and its backward ways of community,
friendship, caring.
I picture my mother, standing in her apron,
Mrs. Pritchard in her flowered dress,
laughing, smiling, giving advice
to each other over that hemlock hedge.
They are gone now,
leaving behind a power of belief
and a sense of belonging-
not in a dilapidated wooden fence
that divided our yards-but in me.
As I drive away, I count the telephone poles to nowhere.

MJ Dominey.

Size:  24″ x 30″ x 1.5″

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Price:  Contact Us!